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Local resource for tree trimming in Magna. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to arborists, tree surgeons, pruning, pruning shears, saws, tree trimmers and landscapers, as well as advice and content on landscaping and tree maintenance.

Growing Empire Wholesale
(801) 466-8267
Salt Lake City, UT
Bailey Stump & Tree Co
(801) 966-0748
4240 S 3760 W
Salt Lake City, UT
Miller Landscaping
(801) 571-9256
8048 S 1460 W
West Jordan, UT
B & B Tree And Garden Specialist
(801) 253-1733
7390 Redwood Rd
West Jordan, UT
A A Tree Service
(801) 908-6913
1225 W Crystal Ave
Salt Lake City, UT
Biograss Sod Farms
(801) 562-9090
Sandy, UT
All State Property Services
(801) 280-7979
7498 S 5040 W
West Jordan, UT
Johnston Tree Service
(801) 561-3352
6911 S 2700 W
West Jordan, UT
High Country Landscaping Inc
(801) 446-7363
2325 W 7000 S
West Jordan, UT
Pebblebrook Tree Service
(801) 733-5269
4333 S 1195 W # 21C
Salt Lake City, UT
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Trees | Bring shade and privacy to your yard

Bring shade and privacy to your yard

Creating a tree landscape is a flexible way of adding functionality and beauty to your yard, as well as telling a unique story about the property. Trees are not only decorative, but they also can provide shade, flowers and even fruit, in some cases. Finding trees to fit your landscape plan can help build the foundation for the entire landscape.

Your Tree Landscape

Trees are very popular with do-it-yourself landscapers. They clean out air and add shade to a yard, making it possible to enjoy the outdoors during the daytime. They can also act as natural insulators, reducing home air-conditioning and heating costs by a significant margin.

Keep in mind the sentimental value of trees, as well. As part of a residence's landscape, planting a tree can be a symbol of the longevity and strength of the family that lives there.

Evergreen trees are fast-growing, disease-resistant trees that are usually thick and planted close together to provide privacy or wind protection. As the name implies, the thick foliage lasts throughout the year, and the trees can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Flowering trees can provide seasonal beauty and a splash of color to your landscape. Yellow, red, pink, white, purple and blue are all popular and widely available colors for flowering trees and can help you maintain your chosen color palette.

Finally, fruit trees provide both color and a practical, fresh food source for your yard. Berries, apples, citrus fruits and nuts can all be grown organically. The range of colors seen in fruit trees rivals that of flowering trees, making it easy to combine them with one another for year-round color.

Fruit trees often have a long lifespan, with a single tree producing fruit for as long as 40 years. They are also available in three different sizes, depending on the needs of your landscape: dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard. Even a dwarf apple tree can produce hundreds of apples a season, so ma...

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