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Local resource for sprinklers in Dallas. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to lawn care, lawn maintenance, irrigation, sprinkler systems, water treatment and fertilizers, as well as advice and content on healthy lawns.

Irish Rain Sprinkler Systems
(214) 827-7446
4405 Skillman St
Dallas, TX
AFPS Corporation
(214) 363-7765
6116 N Central Expy
Dallas, TX
Dallas Landscape and Irrigation
(469) 682-0037
1026 Medio
Dallas, TX
Amandos Lawn Sprinklers
(214) 337-2144
4825 Lynnacre Dr
Dallas, TX
Central Sprinkler Co
(214) 638-2615
3138 Quebec St
Dallas, TX
Britton and Associates
(972) 267-9800
2032 Hawes Ave
Dallas, TX
Turf Technologies
(214) 350-8324
1525 Hinton St
Dallas, TX
North Texas Sprinkler & Alarm
(214) 630-8610
1499 Regal Row
Dallas, TX
Aranda Jesus
(214) 634-8442
3918 Odessa St
Dallas, TX
Consolidated Fire Systems Inc
(972) 620-8770
2261 Crown Rd
Dallas, TX

Sprinklers | Irrigation systems for your lawn and garden

Irrigation systems for your lawn and garden

Watering a lawn is one of the most iconic pastimes of the residential gardener and landscaper. While it may seem like a simple process, many people tend to overwater or underwater their lawns. Turf grasses, for instance, need an inch of water a week to remain healthy, green and growing.

When summer comes, most people rush to water their lawns as much as permissible, especially under drought conditions. However, this promotes shallow roots. Instead, water your lawn early in the day but do it as infrequently as possible – once a week or so should suffice, and you should only do it slightly more frequently during a drought. Garden plants and vegetable gardens require the same care and attention.

Planning your irrigation system before you ever lay grass will save you many headaches. There are two major types of residential irrigation: drip systems and sprinklers. While they both distribute water to your lawn, drip systems target the root, while sprinklers offer an overall coverage of the plant. Both of these watering supplies usually require tubing, but they also need different irrigation tools, such as pressurized chambers and sprinkler heads, and may require you to shift around your garden furniture.

Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation is the most water-efficient irrigation system, since it delivers water directly to the root of plants. However, drip irrigation is either high-tech and expensive or extremely labor-intensive. You have to use precisely calibrated emitters to deliver the water on a computerized timer, or you'll have to regularly fill a porous clay vessel laid underneath the soil in your lawn with water and monitor the water distribution personally.

Sprinkler Systems

Lawn sprinklers are the most popular way to distribute water in residential landscapes. Water is piped to central locations in the yard and then sprayed through nozzles to the plants. Many sprinkler systems rotate, meaning that one ...

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