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Local resource for pond fountains in Gardnerville, NV. Includes detailed information on local garden supply stores in Gardnerville, NV that give access to floating fountains, pond lights, fountain pumps, submersible fountains, aerating fountains, fire fountains, pond circulators, pond pumps, and pond aerators, as well as advice and content on pond care.

Nel's Tahoe Hardware
(530) 544-4126
1050 Fremont Ave
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Products / Services
Flower Seed, Seed, Wildflower Seed

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Tahoe Outdoor Living
(530) 544-8873
828 Eloise Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Residential Installation, Residential Maintenance, Residential Irrigation, Commercial Installation, Commercial Maintenance, Lawns, Fencing, Lighting, Specialty Gardens, Water Effects, Patios
Membership Organizations
California Landscape Contractors Association

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Comstock Seed
(775) 746-3681
917 State Route 88
Gardnerville, NV
Davenport Landscape
(775) 265-1491
1454 Glenwood Dr
Gardnerville, NV
Green Thumb Landscaping
(775) 826-4669
Gardnerville, NV
Grass Valley Nursery
(530) 541-8877
828 Eloise Ave
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Products / Services
Flower Seed, Seed, Wildflower Seed

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Aardvark Landcreations
(775) 265-0566
2426 Mt Como Rd
Gardnerville, NV

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Mountain View Tree Farm
(775) 265-6675
931 State Route 88
Gardnerville, NV
Lon Fletcher Landscaping
(775) 265-5296
1012 Fairway Dr
Gardnerville, NV
Strictly Sprinklers
(775) 265-6460
849 Whitney Way
Gardnerville, NV
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Pond Fountains | A fountain adds that finishing touch to your pond

A fountain adds that finishing touch to your pond

Pond fountains are a great way to add interest to a water garden or fish pond. From elaborate fountains mimicking those in European palatial gardens to smaller ornamental or statuary fountains, the choices are practically endless. Choose a fountain that fits the overall decor of your yard and is sized appropriately for your pond.

Types of Pond Fountains

If you're looking for an outdoor pond fountain, you should choose the type of fountain based on the overall aesthetic you're going for. For example, rock water fountains are fairly unassuming. They tend to produce small water flows and because they look like rocks and come in natural colors, they will generally blend in with the pond and the rest of their surroundings. Trumpet pond fountains, on the other hand, draw attention with their high, flashy spouts, and lighted fountains add intrigue on those long summer evenings.

Some fountains are beneficial in addition to being beautiful. Solar fountains, for example, help reduce energy consumption and costs, while aerating fountains add much-needed oxygen to the pond water and help inhibit the growth of algae.

Floating fountains are an excellent option for seasonal or occasional use. Many come in complete kits, making them easy to install and uninstall as necessary.

Pond Fountain Accessories

To make your fountain spout, you'll need a fountain pump. Some fountains come with pumps, but in many cases, you have to buy the pump separately. In these cases, almost any pond pump will do; just make sure you choose a pump with enough capacity to operate your fountain properly. This means that the pump should be able to operate the fountain as often as required (whether continuously or intermittently) and, in the case of trumpet fountains, to push the water as high as required.

Fountain lights are another popular addition to garden and fish ponds. LED lights come in many different colors and run on little power,...

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