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(775) 782-7663
1434 Industrial Way Gardnerville, NV, 89410
Gardnerville, NV
Grass Valley Nursery
(530) 541-8877
828 Eloise Ave
South Lake Tahoe, CA
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Flower Seed, Seed, Wildflower Seed

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(702) 873-4332
4170 W Harmon Suite #4 Las Vegas, NV, 89103
Las Vegas, NV
Fastenal- Las Vegas
5720 S. Arville Suite 105 Las Vegas, NV, 89118
Las Vegas, NV
ABC Supply Co.,Inc/Las Vegas
3670 Procyon Las Vegas, NV, 89103
Las Vegas, NV
Nel's Tahoe Hardware
(530) 544-4126
1050 Fremont Ave
South Lake Tahoe, CA
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Flower Seed, Seed, Wildflower Seed

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DHC Supplies, Inc.
(775) 358-5644
1095 Spice Islands Dr Ste 109 Sparks, NV, 89434
Sparks, NV
Fastenal- Sparks
50 East Greg St. Suite 107 Sparks, NV, 89431
Sparks, NV
White Cap- N. Las Vegas
(702) 639-0381
4171 Distribution Circle, Suite 107 North Las Vegas, NV, 89030
North Las Vegas, NV
(702) 876-9800
Las Vegas, NV
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Outdoor Power Equipment | Safety tips for lawn and garden outdoor power equipment

Safety tips for lawn and garden outdoor power equipment

Outdoor power equipment items are the workhorses of landscaping and lawn maintenance. While small gardens might be managed with hand tools, at some point, almost every yard needs the help of chain saws, power trimmers, lawn mowers or other lawn and garden outdoor power equipment.

Types of Outdoor Power Equipment

A lawn mower is one of the most common types of equipment used for yard maintenance. The walk-behind mower is probably the most popular for residential use, but for homeowners with extensive lawn areas or who are unable to push a lawn mower, riding mowers come in a variety of styles and prices.

Power trimmers are very handy in landscapes with hedges , as trimming a multitude of hedges with hand pruners is a recipe for blisters. Lawn edgers make trimming the scraggly edges of a freshly-mown lawn into a snap. Some edgers and trimmers have extensions so they can be used to reach high branches or plants in hard-to-access locations.

Chain saws come in electric and gas-powered models; if you don't have access to an outdoor power source, you will most likely be limited to a gas-powered chain saw. Electric chain saws are generally quieter, lighter and easier to start, but they have less power than gas-powered chain saws. Always wear protective clothing when using a chain saw, including:

  • Hard hat
  • Leg protection
  • Gloves with a good gripping surface
  • Eye protection, including side shields
  • Hearing protection like earmuffs or earplugs
  • Shoes or boots with steel toes

In areas that receive significant winter snow, a snowblower (also called a snow thrower) is almost essential for clearing paths and driveways. Snowblowers come in a range of sizes and power capacities, so determine the amount of snow to be cleared, as well as the frequency with which it needs to be cleared, to select the right one for the job.

How to Buy Outdoor Power Equipment

Home maintenance stores, garden stores and ...

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