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Local resource for lawn care in Pearl. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to lawn products, lawn mowers, rakes, pesticides, fertilizers, gardening, landscapers and grass feed, as well as advice and content on lawn maintenance.

Red Baron Professional Lawn/Landscape Service
(601) 720-8321
1029 Longwood Place
Pearl, MS
Goldman Lawn Svc
(601) 354-9668
248 Manship St
Jackson, MS
Evans Lawn Service LLC
(601) 502-3722
714 North Oakridge Dr
Brandon, MS
Couch Tree Service
(601) 939-7335
2929 Highway 468
Pearl, MS
Hunt Landscape Services
(601) 932-6527
300 Valentour Rd
Pearl, MS
Hoppergrass Services
(601) 362-9109
105 Clay St
Jackson, MS
Brooks Landscaping & Lawn
(601) 924-3700
4290 Whitehall Ave
Jackson, MS
(601) 988-7035
1065 spanish oak dr.
Peal, MS
Beasley Lawn & Landscape Maintenance
(601) 932-2501
2915 Highway 468
Pearl, MS
Naylors Lawn & Residential Landscaping
(601) 484-6086
330 Cross Park Dr
Pearl, MS

Lawn Equipment | Gear for maintaining the perfect lawn

Gear for maintaining the perfect lawn

When developing your landscaping plan, it's prudent to figure out how much time you'll have for lawn maintenance once the main project of installing the various elements of your landscape is complete. While there are many low-maintenance options available, almost all organic elements will need at least minimal care, and you'll likely have to invest in lawn equipment to keep your landscape looking fresh and clean.

Grass Trimming

Sometimes mowing the lawn is not enough. When you've put significant effort into your landscape, extra equipment may be necessary to keep that lawn looking its best. A grass trimmer tackles weeds and particularly tough patches of grass. Because grass trimmers are handheld, they're mostly used for precision cutting, especially in spots that the lawnmower missed. When choosing a grass trimmer, it may actually be better to choose a less-powerful model, since these won't throw loose stones around as much. Ryobi lawn equipment includes a line of reliable grass trimmers and part of its collection of landscaping equipment .

Leaf blowers clear your yard of leaves and debris in a powerful but controlled way. A leaf blower can also include a vacuum option. The concentrated air flow allows the user to easily vacuum compact and hard-to-reach places like shrubs and around trees. Gas leaf blowers increase mobility and work output, but they're also usually louder and heavier than the electric versions. Toro lawn equipment is one of the industry leaders in leaf blowers, offering a variety of cordless, electric and gas versions.

Lawn vacuums are typically used in large yards that have lots of deciduous trees or flowering trees that shed a mess of leaves, twigs and other debris. A lawn vacuum is about the size of a riding lawnmower. It eats up the leaves, twigs, flowers and other debris and compacts it all into mulch that can either be reused as a nutritious addition in planters or discarded.

Used Lawn Car...

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