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Local resource for landscape design in Richmond. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to landscapers, landscaping, lawn care, lawn products, fertilizer and lawn mowers, as well as advice and content on landscape designing and maintenance.

Hillcrest Nursery KY
(859) 623-9394
Richmond, KY
Hillenmeyer Nurseries
(859) 255-1091
Lexington, KY
Delaney Fuzz Landscaping
(859) 625-0512
1951 Irvine Rd
Richmond, KY
All Terrain Lawn Care
(859) 582-1960
Richmond, KY
Lawn Doctor of Se Lexington
(859) 623-5050
527 Leighway Dr # A
Richmond, KY
B&B Landscape And Design Llc
(859) 925-4400
2540 Gabbard Rd
Berea, KY

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Odle, Kerry PE - Cmw
(859) 623-2966
138 N Keeneland Dr Ste E
Richmond, KY
Quality Small Engine Repair
(859) 624-9044
144 1/2 Big Hill Ave
Richmond, KY
Darvis Mc Intosh Sod Farm
(859) 623-9689
3570 Berea Rd
Richmond, KY
Turf Doctor Inc
(859) 623-8960
224 Congleton Lane
Richmond, KY
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Landscaping Equipment | Essential tools for cultivating your yard

Essential tools for cultivating your yard

Landscaping adds value to your property; it combines aesthetics with functionality, creating a beautiful lawn that is easier to maintain. However, do-it-yourself landscaping is a sizable project, and requires specialized landscaping equipment. You may need anything from a basic shovel to a professional-quality excavator to help you create the outdoor space you've envisioned.

The Basics

The most basic piece of landscaping equipment is a shovel. From adding soil to your flowerbed to clearing out a space for decorative stones in your yard, the shovel is a primary and important tool that can be used for all the stages of do-it-yourself landscaping.

Another piece of equipment that you might already have is a rake. Rakes use their teeth to gather leaves or grass and can be used throughout the landscaping process for clearing dead grass from your yard, loosening soil and performing light weeding or leveling tasks.

The third basic tool that every landscaper needs is a wheelbarrow. Often, you'll be working with a considerable amount of heavy materials, and the wheelbarrow makes transporting them much easier. Sod, stepping stones, mulch and lawn edgings are good examples of common landscaping materials you may need a wheelbarrow to transport.

All three of these tools can be used to prepare your yard for landscaping by removing elements you don't want while making it easier to distribute elements you do want. Additionally, you'll get plenty of use from your shovel, rake and wheelbarrow during your regular yard maintenance.

Advanced Equipment

You'll find that there are just some parts of your landscape plan that can't be done with the tools already in your garage. When this happens, you'll need to rent or buy some specialized landscaping equipment.

A stump grinder is essential if you're planning on removing trees and bushes. While it's extremely time-consuming to dig out the stump of a tree, renting a stump grinde...

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