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Local resource for garden plants in Lancaster, CA. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to Garden landscaping, landscaping design, water gardens, garden walkways, custom garden landscapes, landscape waterfalls, water features, and outdoor lighting, as well as advice and content on landscaping services.

Hummingbird Landscape
(661) 974-7014
44702 10th St W
Lancaster, CA
Dluzak Landscaping
(661) 943-1187
Po Box 3106
Lancaster, CA
Gli Landscape Inc
(661) 947-8165
3053 Rancho Vista Blvd
Palmdale, CA
Greenbee Landscape
(661) 274-2331
2505 E Ave Q
Palmdale, CA
Guadalupe Castillo Landscaping
(661) 274-4153
134 E Avenue Q
Palmdale, CA
The Tree Farm
(661) 945-8887
43223 Gadsden Ave
Lancaster, CA
Greenbee Nursery
(661) 274-2331
2505 E Ave Q
Palmdale, CA
Amex Pool & Landscape Inc
(661) 272-1090
1318 W Avenue O4
Palmdale, CA
J & L Landscaping
(661) 272-0550
40326 Reata Rd
Palmdale, CA
J D Plants
(661) 285-0690
3636 Pearblossom Hwy
Palmdale, CA

Garden Plants | Plants and more for any garden

Plants and more for any garden

If your flowers and gardens look the same year after year and you're getting bored with them, it might be time to think about starting a specialty garden. This guide gives you an overview of three specialty gardens and their unique garden plants.

Butterfly Garden Plants

Butterfly gardens feature brightly colored, sweet-smelling plants that naturally attract butterflies. Butterfly-attracting flowers and plants are pleasing to the eye, and even more so in the company of dozens of intricately patterned butterflies! A butterfly garden is a calm, tranquil place to relax and enjoy nature, and it's also an easy gardening project for children and parents to enjoy together.

When choosing butterfly garden plants, make sure to include a mixture of both "nectar" plants and "host" plants. These are plants that provide adult butterflies and caterpillars with the foods they like best. Each type of butterfly prefers a different set of nectar and host plants, so consult a guide to find out which types of butterflies are native to your area.

Japanese Garden Plants

A second type of unique garden is the Japanese garden, which consists of carefully manicured garden plants, shrubs and inanimate objects such as statues and decorative stones normally used in rock gardens . Japanese gardens create a miniature microcosm highlighting the inherent balance found in nature.

Each Japanese garden is unique. However, most focus on creating an inviting space to stroll or meditation using native Japanese cultivars, bonsai and mossy stones. You may also be interested in adding a water-based element, such as a pond, fountain or small stream, as well as a gazebo, benches or tea garden area.

Perennial Garden Plants

Unless you live in a tropical or sub-tropical climate, you are probably used to spring, summer and autumn gardening. But if you select your plant seeds and bulbs carefully, you can create a year-round or perennial garden.

Perennial garden...

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