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See below for information and content on garden landscaping and for garden supply stores in Brainerd, MN that give access to water gardens, garden walkways, custom garden landscapes, landscape waterfalls, landscaping services, water features, and outdoor lighting, as well as advice and content on landscaping design.

Plant Ranch
(218) 821-8829
26701 Edna Lake Rd
Nisswa, MN

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Morrison's Landscape-Nursery
(218) 829-6000
10740 Brent Dr
Brainerd, MN
Perfect Touch Landscaping
(218) 828-4034
1310 S 7th St
Brainerd, MN
Alex Irrigation & Hydroseeding
(320) 852-7595
Brainerd, MN
Tru Green Chem Lawn
(218) 829-3410
Brainerd, MN
Little Farm Market-Wild Bird Store, L:LC
(218) 829-5436
516 C Street NE
Brainerd, MN
Products / Services
Garden seed, seed potatoes, onion sets and onion plants, quality bird seed, bird feeders, unique gifts,

Steffen Contracting & Tree Service
(218) 829-0133
1505 State 210 Sw
Brainerd, MN
Eagle Landscaping
(218) 829-0208
11463 County Road 45
Brainerd, MN
Denny's Landscaping
(218) 825-0046
5809 Brandon Way
Brainerd, MN
Erickson Greenhouse
(218) 829-5213
1004 13th St Se
Brainerd, MN
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Garden Designs | Design ideas for your garden

Design ideas for your garden

Before you begin planting, it is always a great idea to create a garden design using pencil and paper. Designing your garden ahead of time helps you utilize your space wisely, determine the necessary materials correctly, and apply an attractive design aesthetic.

Flower Garden Designs

When creating a design for a flower garden, try to group flowers in color coordinated clusters. Consult a color chart or to find out which colors go well together, and aim for variety and contrast in color without going overboard. Select wide beds and arrange in straight rows, filling each bed with a generous amount of flowers and "filler" plants so that each bed looks lush and not sparse. Try to locate taller plants to the back of your beds so that they don't overshadow the shorter plants. Finally, make sure to use symmetry in your garden, for example, by pairing beds, shrubs, and decorative items on either side of a pathway so that everything looks balanced. If you're interested in perennial garden design, take care to consult a gardening guide because perennials can have unusual light and moisture requirements. In addition, locate your perennials in separate beds from your seasonal plants because they will not look attractive in a mostly-empty bed during the winter.

Vegetable Garden Designs

You can use many of the same aesthetic tips noted above for your vegetable garden, but most people choose to emphasize functionality over aesthetics for the vegetable garden. So for example, place garden plants based on their water and sun requirements so that each plant gets exactly what it needs. Consider setting up plant stakes with labeled information about each crop type to make it easier to care for and harvest your vegetables. Surround your vegetable garden with a sturdy yet attractive fencing material to keep out wandering animals. Don't forget to leave dirt or stone pathways in between areas of your vegetable garden for easy access to each bed.


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