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Giving Tree Garden Center
(231) 843-4087
201 N. Gaylord Ave.
Ludington, MI
Products / Services
Groundcovers, Perennials, Plants, Shrubs, Trees

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Graye's Greenhouse
(734) 453-1220
8820 N Lilley Rd
Plymouth, MI

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G Hoeksema & Sons Inc
(269) 327-9469
515 Schuring Rd
Portage, MI

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Eco Lawn Care LLC
(269) 350-8782
913 N 30th St
Galesburg, MI

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Bushes & Blooms
(989) 464-5557
930 W Washington Ave
Alpena, MI
Products / Services

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Villadsen's Northern Greenhouse
(231) 869-5029
2184 Jefferson Rd
Pentwater, MI

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Mischel's Greenhouses LTD
(800) 830-8447
11660 Arrowhead Dr
Williamsburg, MI
Products / Services
Annuals, Container Plants, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Greenhouse Growers, Horticulture Companies, Plants, Plants Mail Order

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Den Hartigh Greenhouse
(269) 342-1512
5274 Market St
Kalamazoo, MI

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Farmer John's Greenhouse
(248) 553-7141
26950 Haggerty Rd.
Farmington Hills, MI
Products / Services
Annuals, Groundcovers, Perennials, Plants, Shrubs, Trees

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Vander Salm's - Flipse Florwer Shop & Garden Center
(269) 343-2671
1120 S.Burdick St
Kalamazoo, MI
Products / Services
Annuals, Aquatics, Arrangement Accessories, Bulbs, Chemicals, Conifers / Evergreens, Florist, Flowers, Foliage & Plant Products, Fresh Plants, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Giftware, Groundcovers, Houseplants, Mulch, Orchids, Perennials, Plants, Potted Flowering Plants, Ready-made Arrangements - Fresh, Roses, Shrubs, Trees, Vines

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Garden Fountains | Add elegance to your yard with garden water fountains

Add elegance to your yard with garden water fountains

Just as pond fountains add elegance to your garden or fish pond, so can garden fountains add elegance to your yard or garden. Garden water fountains come in a variety of styles, from bird bath–like basins with small, bubbling spouts to many-tiered fountains with elaborate details and spouting statuary. The key to selecting outdoor fountains is to opt for more durable natural products, like stone, and choose a style that portrays the overall look and feel you want for you yard. Yard fountains tend to be the focal point of a property, so it's going to set the theme for the rest of your yard decor.

Types of Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

In addition to the style of water fountain you choose, you have a choice as to the type of fountain you place in your yard or garden:

  • Standing fountains sit atop pedestals or on a base. Because they have to stand on their own, these units tend to be smaller and are ideal for small backyards or as additions to decks , patios and flower gardens .
  • Japanese water fountains are made from natural materials and are meant to blend in to their surroundings. Usually made of stone or rock, these fountains come in a variety of setups, but the most traditional Japanese fountains consist of a bamboo spout over a rock basin.
  • Wall water fountains are usually made of stone or plaster and mount on an exterior wall. They generally consist of a small half-basin with a few holes or edges that trickle water into a larger basin below, all mounted to a plaque that in turn mounts to the wall.

Fountain Pumps and Other Accessories

Like pond fountains , garden fountains require fountain pumps to operate. Many garden fountains come with the pump included, and most stand fountains and wall fountains require only small pumps to operate. Larger yard fountains require more powerful pumps. To save electricity and prevent pump burnout, you might wish to run your fountain only when you're arou...

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