Flower Garden Supplies Galesburg IL

See below for information on flower garden supplies and for access to garden supply stores in Galesburg, IL that give access to perennials, annuals, flowering bulbs, flower beds, flower seeds, organic flower seeds, ornamental grasses, roses, climbing vines, and wildflowers, as well as advice and content on gardening and gardening tools.

D. A. Hoerr & Sons Inc
(309) 342-3194
2800 West Main St
Galesburg, IL
Products / Services
Groundcovers, Perennials, Plants, Shrubs, Trees

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Meyers Greenhouse & Nursery
(618) 327-3712
1471 W Saint Louis St
Nashville, IL

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Peters Greenhouse
(217) 449-3769
741 East 7th
Lomax, IL
Products / Services
Annuals, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Plants

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Hinsdale Nurseries, Inc.
(630) 323-1411
7200 S Madison Street
Willowbrook, IL
Products / Services
Annuals, Aquatics, Arborist Services, Bulbs, Cactus / Succulent, Chemicals, Conifers / Evergreens, Crop Protection, Display Structures, Ferns, Fountains - Decorative, Furniture / Structures, Garden Center Marketing, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Gazebos / Pavilions, Groundcovers, Hardscape Supplies, Herbs, Horticulture Companies, Industry Supplies & Services, Landscape Architects, Landscape Consulting, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Design, Landscape Maintenance, Landscape M…

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Whitewater Gardens
(217) 343-9373
Rr# 1 Box 249
Shelbyville, IL
Products / Services
Annuals, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Plants

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Homestead Growers
(309) 875-3254
431 Knox Road 900 E
Maquon, IL
Products / Services
Builders / Contractors

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(630) 351-7600
130 S Gary Ave
Bloomingdale, IL
Products / Services

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Shady Hill Gardens
(630) 879-5665
821 Walnut Street
Batavia, IL
Products / Services
Annuals, Container Gardening, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Gardening Supplies, Greenhouse Growers, Herbs, Perennials, Pest Control Supplies, Plants, Plants Mail Order, Playsand, Poinsettias, Trees, Wreaths & Decorations

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Sunnside Nurseries Inc
(618) 667-6341
7960 Collinsville Road
Troy, IL
Products / Services
Annuals, Bulbs, Chemicals, Crop Protection, Garden Center Marketing, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Horticulture Companies, Mulch, Perennials, Pest Control Supplies, Plants, Roses, Seeds, Shrubs, Trees

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The Junction Garden Center
(217) 562-7042
609 Jackson St
Pana, IL
Products / Services
Florist, Flower Seed, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Seed, Wildflower Seed

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Flower Gardens | A garden of flowers can beautify your home

A garden of flowers can beautify your home

Flower gardens brighten up any outdoor space and are incredibly simple to maintain. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a first-timer, there are some new products on the market that make it a breeze to create a flower garden to beautify your property.

Instant Flower Gardens

So-called "instant flower gardens" are a great option for your yard if you're not interested in digging or potting. Simply unroll the pre-seeded "carpet," which is made of a natural mulch and fertilizer material, and lay it out on your garden bed. Water according to the directions and, in no time, the carpet will dissolve and leave a gorgeous bed of flowers behind. Select from a variety of different flower types and color schemes to achieve the perfect floral décor to complement your backyard landscape design .

If you want to pot your flowers instead, a similar product exists for flower pots. In this case, the flower seeds have been impregnated into a circular disk that is inserted into a pot of any size. It's a simple way to fill your home indoors and out with beautiful flowers even if you don't have a yard or flowerbed.

As a low-maintenance, indoor alternative, you should also investigate the merits of container gardening .

Wild Flower Gardens

Wildflower garden seeds are another option. These brightly colored natural cultivars thrive anywhere without the need for special soil or fertilizers. Generally, you can simply sprinkle the wildflower seeds on top of the soil anywhere you get direct sunlight. You'll need to water them occasionally if you don't naturally get adequate rainfall. Other than watering, a wildflower garden needs no maintenance, so it's a great project to do with children.

Kits for Perennial Flower Gardens

Perennial gardens are generally quite laborious to set up, because the plants, which are difficult to start from seed, must be carefully selected for your climate.

A perennial garden kit is a great option ...

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