Bird Houses Bensenville IL

Bird houses provide a safe haven for birds to escape the weather and they also provide space to nest and roost. See below to learn more and to gain access to local garden supply stores in Bensenville, IL that give access to nesting shelves, roosting boxes, wren houses, songbird houses, bluebird houses, and robin nesting shelters, as well as advice and content on bird conservation.

Schwarz Nursery & Garden Center
(630) 627-6261
21 W 020 Army Trail Rd
Addison, IL
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Berthold's Flower Barn
(847) 439-2650
434 E. Devon Ave.
Elk Grove Village, IL
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Hausermann Orchids, Inc.
(630) 543-6855
2N134 Addison Rd # 3
Villa Park, IL
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Pesche's Flowers & Garden Center
(847) 299-1300
170 South River Road
Des Plaines, IL
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Mk Rubber Mulch
(630) 842-8951
Greg Pearson
Glendale Heights, IL

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Berthold's Floral, Gifts and Garden Center
(847) 439-2600
434 East Devon Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL
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Jewel Food Stores
(708) 531-6539
1955 West North Avenue
Melrose Park, IL
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Lurvey Landscape Supply & Garden Center
(847) 824-7411
2550 East Dempster Street
Des Plaines, IL
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Pesche's Nursery & Aquatic Garden Center
(847) 759-2800
1400 Rand Road (US -12)
Des Plaines, IL
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Germania Seed Co.
(773) 631-6631
Po Box 31787
Chicago, IL

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Bird Houses | Provide shelter with decorative bird houses

Provide shelter with decorative bird houses

Bird houses are an excellent way to attract more avian visitors to your home while accentuating your backyard décor. They also provide those bird species that brave the winter with warmth and shelter at a time of year when both are difficult to come by.

Decorative bird houses are available in a wide range of styles, some of which are suited to particular species. For example, if you live in an area rich with orioles, purple martins or cardinals, you can tailor your wild bird houses to ensure the dimensions and features are suitable for the species in question.

Major Bird House Styles

The most common style among wooden bird houses is the closed bird house. These houses feature wall closures on all sides, a roof and an entrance designed to admit only one bird at a time. In multi-compartment closed bird houses, the entrance is typically placed atop the middle compartment to inhibit predators from gaining entry and to protect the birds from the elements. Most small bird houses are closed, since it's primarily smaller birds that benefit most from the protection they offer.

Open and platform designs are particularly attractive to bird species that are classified as platform nesters. These include herons, hawks, owls and other large bird species like pigeons and gulls. The defining feature of these bird houses is that all four sides are open, with a suspended roof offering the birds protection from the elements.

Tips for Choosing and Building Bird Houses

Birdwatching experts stress that it's best to build your bird house for a specific species; this will give you the best chance of attracting birds to your yard.

When choosing or building bird houses, opt for designs that offer adequate ventilation. Without it, the bird house will become a stifling sauna in warm weather, posing a potentially life-threatening danger to any birds that enter it.

You also need to pay close attention to the bird house's drainage...

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