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Local resource for bird control products in Omaha, NE. Includes detailed information on local garden supply stores that provide bird control spikes, bird netting, visual scares, bird repellants, electrical bird tracks, and bird wire, as well as advice and content on anti-perching bird deterrents.

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Bird Control | Various bird control strategies to discourage problem animals

Various bird control strategies to discourage problem animals

While many people actively encourage birds to visit their yards, our feathered friends can also become unwanted pests. If you grow fruits or vegetables in a garden, or have vines or trees that bear fruit edible to birds, you may well get more winged visitors than you bargained for.

Fortunately, you have a wide range of bird control strategies available to you if you end up with a problem. Modern technologies are also available to keep birds at bay without posing any danger of physical harm.

Familiarize Yourself with Various Bird Control Products

Bird control and wildlife removal strategies used to focus solely on eliminating the problem at whatever cost – even if this meant harming the birds. However, thanks to technological developments, this is no longer your only option.

Here are some of the most commonly used bird pest control strategies:

  • Bird scarers. The good old scarecrow is the clearest example of a bird scarer. Essentially, bird scarers are figures placed in the areas where pest birds gather in order to give the impression of a human presence and deter the birds from coming too close.
  • Bird nets. Bird control netting is heavily used on farms, in fisheries and in fish wildlife preserves to stop birds from reaching designated areas. They are not often seen in domestic residential settings, though they can be effectively deployed in private yards as well.
  • Bird control spikes. Though they pose safety hazards to birds, bird control spikes can be a very effective remedy for pests. Widely used by municipalities to prevent large birds like seagulls and pigeons from congregating, they can also be used on the ground and in tandem with fencing to inhibit birds from perching and roosting in certain places.
  • Ultrasonic or electronic pest control . While the efficacy of these bird control systems is a matter of debate, you can also get pest control units that emit ultrasonic waves or ele...

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