Backyard Wildlife Feeders Yakima WA

Local resource for backyard wildlife feeders in Yakima, WA. Includes detailed information on local gardening supply stores that give access to bird feeders, suet feeders, fly-through bird feeders, squirrel feeders, and deer feeders, as well as advice and content on squirrel houses, bat houses, and butterfly houses.

Country Farm & Garden
(509) 575-8877
6 W Washington Ave
Yakima, WA
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De Goede Brothers Llc
(253) 863-0488
5816 162nd Ave E
Sumner, WA
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Raintree Nursery
(360) 496-6400
391 M Butts Road
Morton, WA
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Shorty's Nursery Inc
(360) 887-3936
705 NE 199th St
Ridgefield, WA
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(360) 814-1500
757 Haggen Dr
Burlington, WA
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Cowiche Creek Nursery
(509) 678-4998
2401 Cowiche Mill Rd
Cowiche, WA

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Superior Trace Minerals
(360) 286-6054
7452 E. Madrone Ave.
Port Orchard, WA

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John Van Wingerden
(509) 837-6539
351 W Merz Rd
Sunnyside, WA
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Westover Enterprises Inc
(425) 432-1597
24030 Se 192nd St
Maple Valley, WA

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Rainbow Landscaping
(360) 376-3258
PO Box 1705
Eastsound, WA

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Backyard Wildlife | Encourage wildlife to come into your backyard

Encourage wildlife to come into your backyard

Attracting backyard wildlife provides natural entertainment for your family and friends. It can be magical to watch birds create a nest and raise their young right before your eyes, or make daily visits to your home to feed. Whether you live in the country or the city, there are ways to encourage wildlife into your backyard.

Provide Food

The animals will come if you offer them something to eat. Keep in mind that general food sources will attract a wide variety of animals. If you want to attract a specific breed of bird or insect, you'll need to research their food preferences. For instance, adult butterflies that are searching for nectar are attracted to orange, yellow, red, purple or pink blossoms.

However, you can increase your odds of attracting butterflies by having plants that support the entire life cycle of the butterfly. They need certain plants for laying their eggs and others for food sources.

Dotting your yard with squirrel feeders or bird feeders also helps you attract a diverse range of common wildlife.

Supply Water

Animals need clean sources of water for drinking, bathing and reproduction. A water source could include ponds, streams or wetlands, depending on where you live. In urbanized areas, you can create rain gardens, bird baths or a preformed pond. You should change any standing water every two to three days during warm weather when mosquitoes breed as a form of mosquito control . This prevents mosquito eggs from hatching and unleashing a cloud of pests to your backyard.

Create Cover

Animals need cover to feel safe from predators. If you don't offer adequate protection, backyard wildlife will shorten their visits and go somewhere else. Along with cover, having a yard that is quiet with little or no outdoor activity will attract far more animals. If you have the ideal backyard wildlife habitat, animals will choose your yard to build their homes and raise their young.

Keep Your ...

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