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Local resource for backyard ponds in Canon City, CO. Includes detailed information local garden supplies stores in Canon City, CO that give access to pond liners, backyard pond installation, ecosystem ponds, koi ponds, and water gardens, as well as advice and content on wildlife habitats and habitats for frogs and birds.

Provost Tree Spade & Landscaping
(719) 371-0301
631 Barium Ave
Canon City, CO
Affordbl Sod Tech Installations
(719) 275-6862
1660 Grand Ave
Canon City, CO
Seufer Brothers Nursery
(719) 276-3900
341 S Raynolds Ave
Canon City, CO
Canon Landscape
(719) 275-3542
1017 York Ave
Canon City, CO
Western Auto
(719) 275-7411
1001 Main St
Canon City, CO
H2o Creations
(719) 671-3735
1481 Stone Pl
Canon City, CO
Sears Roebuck & Company
(719) 275-0659
1700 Rainbow Dr
Canon City, CO
Siloam Stone
(719) 275-4275
315 N 7th St
Canon City, CO
Hard Scrabble
(719) 275-6768
1203 Sherman Ave
Canon City, CO
Arrow Power Equipment Corporation
(719) 275-2640
252 Griffin Ave
Canon City, CO

Ponds | Enhance your yard with a water pond

Enhance your yard with a water pond

Ponds are an excellent way to enhance your backyard and bring a touch of the aquatic to your landscape design. Many people believe that ponds – at least those active with aquatic life – must occur naturally on a property, but with today's technology, you can add a pond to just about any yard. In fact, a man-made pond may be even better than the real thing, since it allows you to control the size, shape and location of the pond, as well as the plants and animals that reside within it.

Making Backyard Ponds

Perhaps the easiest way to add a pond to your yard is by purchasing a preformed pond and/or a pond kit. Preformed ponds are tubs that resemble small plastic kids' pools, only less colorful (they are usually black) a more durable (they are usually made of fiberglass, not plastic). They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can also be enhanced with additional features such as preformed water courses and waterfall runs. Some also have internal features like ledges and contours to create variations in their depth and width.

Pond kits are assemblages of essential pond materials, including pond liners, pond liner underlayments, pond pumps , and the required valves and connectors. Some also include extras like PVC tubing, plant baskets, how-to guides and pond decorations or accessories. The exact contents and specifications of the kit depend on the kit you buy. Many pond kits can be used in conjunction with a preformed pond or by themselves to create a liner pond.

Stocking Fish or Garden Ponds

Once you've laid the foundation for your pond, you have to decide what's going to go in it. You may choose to add fish to create a fish pond , or you may decide simply to showcase a number of aquatic plants for a garden pond. Whichever you choose, you will have to ensure that your pond water is the right composition and temperature for the optimum health of its inhabitants.

Many people believe that garden ponds are low or no maintenance, but this is not necessarily the case. While garden ponds tend to require less maintenance than fish ponds, the level of care required depends entirely on the types of plants in the pond. Some aquatic plants require very specific temperatures and conditions to thrive, but even the hardiest aquatic plants require a certain amount of attention to ensure growth and survival.

Maintaining Water Ponds

Even the most low-maintenance ponds will require care to keep the wat...

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